Researching Away

Today I did not get much actual writing done on my draft. But that’s not really a bad thing. I spent the time instead doing a day’s worth of research for accurate world building, a TON of minor details here and there, and lots of backstory.

See, the story I’m writing now is essentially a Journey story, which means that the book takes place over a long journey(duh). It takes up more of the book than anything else, and if I want to sound like I know what I’m talking about as my characters travel cross country on horses, I need to do a lot of research. Thankfully I found a lot of blogs and articles with the sole purpose of clearing up a lot of misconceptions and myths about various things in both Sci fi and Fantasy. I found a blog series called Fact in Fantasy that was immensely helpful. Not just for horses and how to care for them, but for proper classification of trees in certain areas, what specific names of rocks and stone deposits are on mountains and what herbs grow where and what time of the year. That’s a lot! I mean, I could go out to a forest and learn each tree that way, or go to a farm and work with a breeder for a bit. But that would take much longer than a day of reading.

So today I read mostly. I read about how horses are measured in hands, from the ground to their withers, and I learned horses get shin splints often. I discovered just exactly what a deciduous forest is and the different foliage in each level of it; top canopy, second canopy, understory, floor. I downloaded map making software and actually developed the world and terrain my characters will be traveling over, then I discovered that through the course of the story they travel for more than 400 miles. Phew. Now that’s a journey.

Then, taking all of that freshly discovered information, I sat down with my trusty outlining notebook and got to work reworking bits and pieces of my story. In doing so I worked out many kinks that I had near the end of the book, and have really pumped myself up for the next book. Because in the next book there is no extremely long journey taking up the story, it’s thievery, magic and murder. That’s right, I said murder!

My goal is to have the story finished by the time I head to a writer’s conference at the end of this month. I’m… probably not going to make that. BUT, I’d at least like to have the first draft done by then. I already have the first few chapters how I want them, and could honestly hand them to a few agents if they show interest at the convention, but I’d rather have a finished product in my hands first. Either way, I NEED TO GET CRACKING ON THIS NOVEL.

Also, I now have several copies of my book on hand and am looking to give them away to some peoples. Free of charge. Well… sort of. All I ask is that you write a review about it. Good, bad, hated it, loved it, WHATEVER. A copy of my book is yours for a review.

And now I must return to more writing. For the end is nigh, friends…

Holy Smokes!

My goodness, it has been a long time since I updated my site! I’ve just been too busy actually living my life to stop and document it, which is not a complaint at all. I have been LIVING these past few weeks, which is a big contrast to how I’ve lived my life the past few years. Not to get into anything too personal, but I usually am not an active person due to a multitude of health issues that render me immobile and curled up in pain, but the past month or so has seen me out and about in ways I haven’t been able to do in years. I’ll share some of the adventures I’ve been on with you a little later, because right now the biggest news I have to share is…

Da Da Da-da!

My book is published!

Second cover

It is officially available on Amazon. Paperback is $6 and the kindle version is .99 cents with the link to both right here.

That is pretty spectacular news in my world. Despite me being underwhelmed about it all, getting a story written and published was the very first thing listed at the top of my bucket list. Okay, honestly it was pretty much the only thing on my bucket list. But now that it’s out, I can’t describe the sense of accomplishment that follows it. It’s a mixture of me feeling like, “Ah, I can sit back now and bask in this accomplishment.” and “Now I can write and focus on what I really want…”

This book’s purpose was really just so that I could call myself a published author and die happy with my tiny bucket list complete. Now that it’s out and I still haven’t kicked the bucket yet, I am pushing ahead full steam into all the stories I told myself I would work on if my health maintained. I don’t expect this book to take off or sell like crazy or to make a huge impact. It’s pretty short, and though it is a great story well written, it’s over before you know it and preludes to a MUCH larger story that I’m writing now. That said, I still hope you check it out and tell me what you think of it. You can probably knock it out in one afternoon of reading. If you read for the whole afternoon.


The next project I am working on is a novel set in a world full of magic-wielders and non magic-wielders and their extreme distrust of each other. The main character is a fifteen year old thief in a massive fortified city who gets an exclusive invitation to join a thieving guild on the basis that he use his proficiency with magic to help steal stuff. I tell you this because I am thinking of posting some excerpts either on my website our through a special page provided by my publisher’s site, and wanted to get any feedback that you guys might have. If you’d like to read the excerpt, leave a comment or let me know I’ll post the link to the preview.


Now for something other than writing…


I happened to spend a week in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia with my family, and it was incredible. Peaceful, lively, beautiful, enriching. One day we even went to the largest used bookstore in Tennessee and spent hours there. Not just books, but they had movies, games, CDs, records, posters, anime, TV shows, graphic novels, EVERYTHING. I was heaven. I went antiquing with my mom, fishing with my dad, geocaching by myself, and I didn’t write AT ALL.  I wrote about three pages in total for the entire time I was gone, which is sort of sad, but I’m not apologizing for it because I WAS LIVING. I mean, normally, just picking one activity a day was a gamble for me and sure to cause pain. But while I was up there, I put all that crap behind me for a time and simply enjoyed what I was given in the place where I was.



MELBOURNE! (Florida, not Australia) TWICE!

Spending time with my peoples. I love my peoples. BBQing, movies, downtown tours, story sharing and beach walks all make for the perfect weekend with amazing people. I wish I could tell you more about my peoples, but they’re my peoples and not your peoples. They are some of the greatest people I know and I look forward to seeing them as soon as possible. They offer a much needed relief from the toxic culture that permeates so much of the world today. They bring out the best in people, not just me, and I thank them for it and the hospitality they offer.


Well, that’s all of the updates I’ve got for you guys for now. That is what’s been happening in my world; writing and trying to make sure I’m healthy enough to continue doing so. Hope you guys stick around for everything else that is in the works with me. Talk to you soon!