Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

Are you a Harry Potter fan? I am(Hufflepuff pride!), so when I first heard rumors of there being another HP story written by J.K. Rowling coming to a bookshelf near me, I got very excited. Another HP novel set nineteen years after the Battle of Hogwarts? Sounds awesome! But I’m here to tell you why it’s not awesome. I’m here to enlighten you as to why Harry Potter and The Cursed Child is a sham and you’d be better off just reading the cliff notes version. Sit back, relax, and prepare to be disappointed, this week’s In My Opinion Review is about Harry Potter and The Cursed Child by Jack Thorne.

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Something truly terrible has happened and I need your help to get me through it. I lost my momentum, people.

I guess some writers might call this slump “writer’s block”, but I don’t think that is the case. I know exactly what I want to write, I have the outlines and notes all set and everything, but I have no momentum to get it done. As if the will and fire inside me fueling me to get the story out has died. I shouldn’t need to tell you how NOT GOOD that is. I lost my mojo, people! This is not something to take lightly.

Therefore, in an attempt to get me back into the burning desire of writing six hours a day in blissful seclusion, I am writing a post about the cooler aspects of the world I’m building in my novel at the moment. Because whenever I chat with friends and tell them what I’m writing, outlining the magic system and guilds and the conflict and betrayal between characters, it gets me really wanting to write again. So I thought I’d share some of the cooler details of The Black Beetles: Initiation with you. Continue reading “Momentum”

Researching Away

Today I did not get much actual writing done on my draft. But that’s not really a bad thing. I spent the time instead doing a day’s worth of research for accurate world building, a TON of minor details here and there, and lots of backstory.

See, the story I’m writing now is essentially a Journey story, which means that the book takes place over a long journey(duh). It takes up more of the book than anything else, and if I want to sound like I know what I’m talking about as my characters travel cross country on horses, I need to do a lot of research. Thankfully I found a lot of blogs and articles with the sole purpose of clearing up a lot of misconceptions and myths about various things in both Sci fi and Fantasy. I found a blog series called Fact in Fantasy that was immensely helpful. Not just for horses and how to care for them, but for proper classification of trees in certain areas, what specific names of rocks and stone deposits are on mountains and what herbs grow where and what time of the year. That’s a lot! I mean, I could go out to a forest and learn each tree that way, or go to a farm and work with a breeder for a bit. But that would take much longer than a day of reading.

So today I read mostly. I read about how horses are measured in hands, from the ground to their withers, and I learned horses get shin splints often. I discovered just exactly what a deciduous forest is and the different foliage in each level of it; top canopy, second canopy, understory, floor. I downloaded map making software and actually developed the world and terrain my characters will be traveling over, then I discovered that through the course of the story they travel for more than 400 miles. Phew. Now that’s a journey.

Then, taking all of that freshly discovered information, I sat down with my trusty outlining notebook and got to work reworking bits and pieces of my story. In doing so I worked out many kinks that I had near the end of the book, and have really pumped myself up for the next book. Because in the next book there is no extremely long journey taking up the story, it’s thievery, magic and murder. That’s right, I said murder!

My goal is to have the story finished by the time I head to a writer’s conference at the end of this month. I’m… probably not going to make that. BUT, I’d at least like to have the first draft done by then. I already have the first few chapters how I want them, and could honestly hand them to a few agents if they show interest at the convention, but I’d rather have a finished product in my hands first. Either way, I NEED TO GET CRACKING ON THIS NOVEL.

Also, I now have several copies of my book on hand and am looking to give them away to some peoples. Free of charge. Well… sort of. All I ask is that you write a review about it. Good, bad, hated it, loved it, WHATEVER. A copy of my book is yours for a review.

And now I must return to more writing. For the end is nigh, friends…


I’m writing up a storm over here! Seriously, I had to stop myself the other day because I was getting nausea and headaches from staring at my computer screen for so long. Solution: print out story to work on it by hand. Booya. Nothing can stop my drive!

Except sleep. That’s sort of essential. And… maybe food? Water would be good, too. Perhaps responding to people to let them know I’m still alive is a wise decision, as well. All things that sort of pass me by once I start writing and enter into the fabled “zone”. But it’s not just the rough process of cranking out a first draft for a novel that is taking up my days, it’s all the behind the scenes stuff of trying to build up a writer persona. Today, I actually breached a line I never thought I’d cross and created a twitter page. A twitter page. Yes that’s right, I tweet now. Well, I’ve only tweeted once, and honestly I’m cool with that.

But I also cranked out my daily quota of 10 pages in the rough draft. Not counting the pages I outlined by hand and not counting the dozen or so pages I wrote then deleted once I realized they were not working for the story. I was content with that story, but not with another. Greyheart. That story of brutal, elven combat and death mocks me as it sits so freaking close to being published it hurts. You remember me talking about Greyheart, right? The story this guy is from.



So after I finished writing about thieves and questionable magicians, I switched over to Greyheart to work on…

…drum roll, please…

I mean it, do a drum roll.

…THE FINAL DRAFT. However, I thought I was working on the final draft three drafts ago, so that just shows you how good I am at editing.

I assumed that after all of the edits I’ve done so far on this bad boy that I wouldn’t be messing around too much in this final draft. Perhaps change a few sentences here, reword a paragraph there. But then this happened.

So much edit.

So much pen.

You see that? That’s progress right there. So I ended up working on that for a lot longer than I thought. Which sort of stinks, you know? But at the same time, I really want this to be something that is… Good. No, not good, great. I want this to be something that I am damn proud of, and I don’t mind if that means lots and lots of hard work. I’m invested in this and I’m going 110% with it.

But I am wise enough to know when the edits I’m writing don’t make sense because of lack of sleep and my brain is muddled. Therefore, friends, I depart to a land of dreams and uncomfortable mattresses. Till we speak again.