I’m not dead yet!

You know what sucks? Having a lifelong chronic pain illness. You know what doesn’t suck? All these amazing updates that I’m about to throw in your face! Hiya!

So, I’ve been a little under the weather lately(boy, is that an understatement), and haven’t been able to keep my site up to date with all the things that have been happening with my writing career. But that stops now! First and foremost, around this time next week you should be able to find me on gameskinny.com as a content contributor, writing articles and funny youtube videos about all the games I’m in love with currently. I was lucky enough to be accepted as an intern for gameskinny and take part in a JTP. The hope after the internship is that the staff at gameskinny will realize how rare and valuable a person like me is and offer me a paying gig. Fingers crossed, people. And if not, at least I got to intern at a gaming/entertainment website for a bit, and perhaps that will open up another door in the future.  
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Step by Step

You know what’s been really helpful the past few days? People encouraging me in my quest to be a writer far beyond what I expected. I can’t tell you how validating it is to have other writers and authors accept me into their circles with open arms and shower me with advice, words of encouragement, congratulations and spot on tips. It’s an amazing feeling to have something that you put your heart and a measurable amount of work into be received so well. It’s been so great the past couple of days to get emails and messages from publishers or authors talking to me about my work and giving me grand opportunities. I have been so positive recently now that I can see what I am working towards paying off. Just goes to show you, kids; you can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it.

I am excited to say that a sci fi short story I wrote last year is being accepted into a sci fi magazine and will be published next month. How cool is that? Turns out the publisher, Dan Dombrowski, is a really awesome guy who has an independent publishing company and really enjoys sci fi. He started up a Science Fiction magazine called Nonlocal Science Fiction and has articles, interviews, podcast and tons of other awesome stuff on his site. Needless to say, I was very happy to hear that he liked my story enough to feature it and look forward to working with for future issues.

I was contacted by a readers/judges group that is taking submissions for an anthology about a story I submitted recently giving me some great feedback and encouraging me to stay active in their community. The anthology has the theme of Ecotones with a subtle hint at diversity and is hosted by a website called sffworld.com. The site rocks and has a fantastic forum that I’ve started to write often on. One of the judges wrote back to me about my story telling me the first reactions of the other judges as well as positives and negatives of the story. They offered great advice in a really long email about some subtle changes that could be made which would win over the other judges who were sort of on the fence. So, that was also really fun news to hear. Just that a judge (and author himself) was kind enough to take the time and give some advice on what they thought would give the story better reception speaks a lot to me and shows that the story at least has potential. Luckily, the deadline for the anthology isn’t quite upon us, and the judge encouraged me to make the edits and changes as quick as possible and resubmit to hopefully buy over the others.

Then come the specific interactions with other authors, all of which make my day. Having authors tweet me and invite me to their online hangout spots is so cool. Having my blog liked and commented on by authors who live all over the globe is so humbling. Of all the feelings swirling inside me, I have felt blessed most of all recently.

In order to repay all the kindness and help I’ve received from others the past few days I’ve been doing what I can on my side to, well, be a writer and not let all these people down. I’ve updated lots of the pages on my site, I’ve joined several critique and reader groups, I’ve outlined a few short stories for both Nonlocal and three other competitions coming up, and I peek at my novel once a day. My novel is… daunting. Compared to stories I can write in a day or a weekend, this gargantuan story that is about four times longer than my novella and maybe halfway done is just so big. But, I will continue to bleed ink on the page for those of you who love the written word.