A New Year, A New Goal

With a new year upon us I am laying out new goals to aim for by the end of 2017. Yet, in the first few days of the new year my plans have already taken extremely unexpected turns. All good turns, mind you, which involve more writing. But unexpected just the same.

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Looking back on the goals I set for myself in 2016 I most certainly did not achieve them all. Due to constant health issues and the need to focus on myself more than writing, I only scratched off about half of the goals I set for myself. But, I will also admit that I was a bit over ambitious with what I thought I could accomplish in a year. Each year I learn more and more about the writing, editing, and publishing business, and with what I now know I am more realistic with my skills and expectations. This year should hopefully yield more results.

I also forgot to mention that in the final days of 2016 another short story of mine was published in the Creative Writing Institute’s anthology titled, Explain! I love working with the CWI because they are built around helping others and always bring their focus back to the powerful art of good writing. The anthology is available on amazon, or you can check out the CWI website to familiarize yourself with their services.

Before the new year I was happily writing away on a novel. The characters were well out of my head and on the page and I was excited to get up each day and write a new scene and see what would happen. It was great writing! I was enjoying it so much! Each day was exciting! I was following a great outline, but also coming up with fantastic plot twists within plot twists. It was perfect!

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Then I was contacted by a friend who was in need of a writer to help start up a magazine in my state. After sitting down and listening to her proposal, I decided to put the novel on hold for now and become the lead editor for a start up magazine. Hooray, more writing! I’ve since switched my focus from creative fiction writing in my novel to factual journalism backed up with sources in this magazine. We are still working on our first issue, but we will be a be-monthly informative and educational magazine about health, lifestyle, business, and politics for my local area of the state. It may potentially be an awesome job opportunity, so I’m excited to see what happens.

But that doesn’t mean I’ve given up on the creative side of writing. Far from it! Even while I crank out articles and devote hours to research, I’m still brimming with ideas that need to come out of my head. I was thrilled to find enough time to get down my latest science fiction short story the other day all at once, and now it’s down to editing and revising in my free time. Writing is not something I plan to ever be far from again.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my update! I’ll be back soon to keep you informed about my legendary feats!

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