Descriptions of Heaven

For this In My Opinion Review I’ll be covering a book published by the one and only Randal Eldon Greene titled Descriptions of Heaven


Randal is an up and coming author who has only just started to make a name for himself. Also, he’s a really cool dude with a great website you should check out. Although he’s lived a life that revolves around words and literature in one way or another, Descriptions of Heaven is his first novel. The novel is a short read, but there’s still a lot of emotional events that take place within its pages. For example…

PLOT: The plot circles around a young family, father, mother, and son, and about how they deal with a family crisis. The crisis being that the mother, Natalia, has terminal cancer. The story is told through the point of view of the father, Robert, who struggles in dealing with his wife’s terminal sickness and just how to explain it to others. The book has some humor and clever parts in it, but for the most part it’s a serious affair. Much of the conflict is internal strife within Robert as he comes to terms with the loss he will soon experience, and the most hard hitting scenes are when he is trying to explain to his son just what will happen to Natalia when the sickness becomes too much. It’s heavy. 

CHARACTERS: The characters are solid, deep, and unique. Randal did a good job of creating certain characters who help the reader latch onto the story further. There aren’t many players in this story, but you get to know them all intimately by the end of the book and are genuinely concerned for their well-being. A fine job. I didn’t dislike a single person written within. 

SETTING: The setting was authentic and cool. The family lives next to New Bedford Lake in a trick house that was built by an eccentric architect (who may be a little on the insane side) complete with trap doors, hidden rooms, fake walls, and more secret treasures the family doesn’t even know about. The whole aspect of the “mysterious house” brings a great level of originality into the story and makes for some memorable scenes. 

VERDICT: In My Opinion if you like to read books there is no reason you shouldn’t pick up this one. I’ll even make it easy for you; you can get the book by clicking right here. It’s short and easy to read, it packs a punch for something so small, and it will touch each and every one of your emotional strings by the time you read the ending. I’m not going to lie, there were some depressing parts in this. Sadness. Hopelessness. Depression. All are very evident in this story. But, part of what makes it so good is that it can feature so much negativity and still make you feel positive in the end as the characters push on. Because isn’t that what life really is anyway? A whole bunch of depressing events that we pick ourselves up from and push on? In My Opinion it is, which is why this story resonates so well. 


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