Heartbreak and Heartache

This week I have news for you, some of it sad and some of it hopeful. I promise I’ll make it sound interesting. 

The past weekend was the second round of the NYC Flash Fiction Challenge that I made it to, and boy was my assignment a tough one. Assignment: Write a story in the thriller genre, that takes place at a campsite, and involves a dollhouse in under 1,000 words. You have 48 hours. Go. 

I actually came up with two stories, and the second one was much better. I tried my best to make the entire story nothing but page-turning, edge-of-your-seat kind of thriller, but I still ended up with two paragraphs of exposition in the beginning and lots of sadness at the end. Either way I’m definitely not making it to the next round. I didn’t get any points on my first story, so this story would basically have to be the best story I’ve ever written and everyone else in my group would have to totally bomb their stories for me to make it to the next round. 

But believe it or not, I’m actually okay with that. I got great feedback on my first story, and I honestly can’t wait to get the feedback from this story. All of the information the judges wrote to me was positive, not only saying the story was professionally done, but framing things that I could do better in a positive light rather than a negative one. That alone is worth the stress of writing the entries. So we’ll see what comes of the writing in a few weeks. 

In other somewhat depressing news, I’ve decided not to go to the writing conference in Orlando this year. It’s the Florida Writer’s Association’s big annual conference this year that I had planned to attend, and in all honesty it’s just not worth it. It’s at the same hotel I went to last year, but it’s run by a different organization. While there are more writers and more prestigious guests at this con, the price for it is just too steep. I looked at the prices of this FWA con compared to other cons I’ve gone to and it’s eye-boggling. The FWA is almost triple what other conferences are. TRIPLE. Let me throw that into perspective for you: I’m going to a 5-day convention next year. The tickets for this con? 150$. Hotel, for 5 nights? About 300$. All in all, not bad for such a long con. The FWA conference is a 3-day conference. The tickets? 395$. The hotel, same one I went to last year, for 3 nights? 399$. I could go to about 3 cons for the price of this one con. That is just not worth it. 

In order for that to be worth it, I’d basically need to meet my next publisher there and connect with a dozen authors, all of whom volunteer to be beta-readers and keep in touch and promote my material and are genuine friends at the same time. And there would need to be valuable information and advice that I couldn’t get anywhere else. The entire event would need to be off da chain, yo in order for it be worth almost 800$

Instead I’ll be putting all of that money towards in-depth edits from my editor. I going to be sending him all of my short stories that I’ve been working on all year so that I can finally be rid of them and can work on my novel. For too long have I felt like the writing I’m doing isn’t what I really like to do. I long for the passion I felt when working on my novel. The world-building, the characters, the rich history and future and conflict, all of which I hold in my hand. That’s what I look forward to. More and more I think that’s where I shine, not so much on the short story front. But, we’ll have to wait and see. 

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P.S. I couldn’t find any good pics for today’s post, so here’s a good bye salute from Lando. Stay classy.


One thought on “Heartbreak and Heartache

  1. Progress is progress, even if it seems you are going backward. I go to so many conferences for work, it is hard to justify more travel for a writing conference. But there is a local one I should go to (BayCon). Next year!


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