Oh, to have friends

Hello again, readers. I’ve come to shower you with news of my writing exploits and inform you of what a budding author’s career is like. Enjoy.

 3 Ways to Make Writing Your Novel Easier:

This past week I was absolutely thrilled to take part in a small writer’s club. The Naples Authors and Writers Club, which met in a conference center at the local airport, was both a let down and extremely encouraging at the same time. The club has very little publicity or advertising, I found out about it from the back of an unread newspaper, and therefore it’s not a large group. Scratch that, it’s a tiny group. When I showed up there was a friendly British woman, Pauline, who showed me the conference room and explained to be the basics of the group. Pauline writes children books, and after I finished telling her about how much I enjoy writing, she replied with “That’s nice. I hate it.”

If I had not shown up at the meeting there would’ve only been two people present. Both were elderly, because I live in Naples — old person capital of the world — but for me that was a good thing because they had decades of writing knowledge to pass on. We talked about our experiences in writing in a very informal setting and became more than simple acquaintances when it ended. I was happy to share my extensive knowledge of twitter and hashtags with them while they schooled me on the professional editor and agent scene.

Even though I only spoke with two other authors, the experience was refreshing in the best sort of way. The fact that I could speak at length about my writing with someone who, not only kept up with the jargon and energy of my words but could responded with wisdom, was extraordinary. It’s absolutely helpful for one to reach out and socialize with others of their craft or career. It makes them feel less like an island working all by themselves. Honestly, I sometimes forget that there are other authors not that far away from me. It’s like when I went to the writing con last year and I was surrounded by people just like, it felt glorious. That’s why the club wasn’t a total let down. It felt good to be around others with the same writing bug as me.

Funny Picture Dump Of The Day – 32 Pics:

In other news: I write! But seriously, I’ve written a lot lately. I ran into two awesome anthologies that are open for submissions and I’ve already typed up the stories I’ll be submitting. One anthology is a horror one about carnivals and clowns and stuff. Fun! The other is a science fiction anthology titled Humans Wanted. Fingers crossed my stories get noticed and accepted.


I would enjoy working on my novel, but these other anthologies looking for short stories keep popping up and I keep wanting to write for them. Ideas are all over the place in my head, so I like having these excuses to write them down and get them out. I’ve been submitting regularly for the past month or so and the letters, rejection or acceptance, should be coming in soon. Once I’ve got no more shorts to write or submit, I’ll be switching gears back to my novel. I’ve collected a lot of advice for novelists lately and am yearning to put them to use.

Stick around for more updates, more writing, and more awesome. Peace!

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