It. Is. Over.

I had an epiphany the other night about my writing efforts as of late. I’ve been pouring my time into my favorite short stories, editing them ruthlessly, while outlining others here and there and taking my time bringing them to life. This entire year I’ve almost exclusively focused on cranking out short stories, with only a few weeks of work put towards my novel. I’ve wanted to build up my portfolio and have more short stories to show agents and publishers, since when this year began I’d sold all of my work and had nothing to show potential editors. 

But no longer shall I devote my time to short stories. I yearn for the excitement I felt when I would spend a whole day in my novel revising the terrible writing and hammering it into something incredible. I’ve grown tired of short story after short story, none of which blend together. So after I finished editing this last batch of stories I’m done looking at short fiction and switching gears to longer fiction. For the rest of the year I’ll be working on my novel.

The stories I’m finishing up now are for two anthologies, the same two anthologies I was featured in last year. The first one is a contest hosted by, and the second is the yearly anthology put out by across the pond. I’m proud of both stories now that I’ve edited them so much,  first by shortening the word count significantly, then going through the stories line by line and replacing weak words with stronger ones and more action, and yadda yadda yadda. My point is they’ve come a long way from the first draft. But whenever I think of just how much a story has changed from its original outline, I usually think of an Ernest Hemingway quote.

True story.

So I’ll be submitting these stories this week along with others that I’m hoping will be featured on Getting stories short enough and insane enough to fit their standards isn’t easy, but I’ve got two now that fit and I’m hoping at least one gets picked up.

As soon as that’s done it’s back to the behemoth I have tucked away which only has a working title. But if you stick around you’ll see it become the epic tale it’s meant to be.

Peace Out, ya’ll. Keep checking back, because there’s lots of great writing to come. My master has taught me well.


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