Short Story Season Is Open

After a brief hiatus from my website, I’m back. And with lots of good news!

It’s been a bit since I’ve been on here to report what I’ve been up to, mainly because there have been extenuating circumstances that needed to be dealt with first. But now that I’ve settled back into a lifestyle of writing, I figured I’d talk about what I’ve been working on to my readers. … If there are any and I’m not actually just talking to a wall here…

Once again, and to my great dismay, I’ve put my novel on hold. At first it was simply because I needed to focus on my health and real job instead, but now it’s because I have more pressing writing goals to attend to. 

First and foremost is the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge. Thanks to my seester who told me about it, I joined a yearly competition open to thousands of writers that gives a specific genre, setting, and item that authors must use in their story and 48 hours to write it. They group writers into one of about a hundred groups made up of about a hundred writers, so there are a lot of people competing. Each group is given a genre to follow, a location the story must take place in, and an item it has to feature. They send out the assignment at midnight on Friday and you have until midnight on Sunday to submit it. 1000 word limit. Good luck. 

I wasn’t too pleased with my submission, but with those constraints who would be? My first draft, was almost 3000 words. So there was some serious editing that took place. 

Second, the yearly anthology published by the Creative Writing Institute, which I was featured in last year, is already underway. The theme of the anthology is that every story must have a particular phrase in it somewhere. This year it’s, “Explain that to me.” I am quite pleased with what I’ve come up with. I can only say this about my story: I am a huge Harry Potter fan. 

Third, the other yearly anthology I was published in last year hosted by has extended their submission deadline, and this time I will not miss it. The anthology has been open for a while, but I turned it down at first because the theme for it honestly didn’t interest me that much and I wanted to work on my novel instead. But after seeing the editor ask for stories, I’m not about to refuse them. So while in North Carolina I penned an outline that I am also pleased with. The writing shall commence soon. 

And lastly, an author friend of mine who I’ve grown acquainted with via twitter, Randal Eldon Greene, is about to release his first novel and is gearing up for some pre-launch publicity. He reached out for help, and I totally agreed. Latter next month, or at least closer to the release, I’ll be featuring a Q&A with Randal on this site, along with more about him. I’m already aware that he’s a cool dude with a passion for the pen, so I’m looking forward to getting my advanced reader copy of the novel to read through. You can check his website out here and his twitter here.

Besides that, I enjoyed the peacefulness of North Carolina on a nice getaway, got some much needed sleep, and was able to relax for a bit. Read a TON of books and graphic novels, which I really should do In My Opinion reviews for… but maybe not. I usually only do those for the really good novels. But, what do you guys think? Reviews or no?

THAT was a lot of updating. Lots going on behind the scenes when it can at the Victor Foundation. Stick around for more news. PEACE OUT. 

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