Judo Chop!

This past week unforeseen events destroyed my plans for the near future. I was basically ninja kicked in the throat by life, which isn’t how I enjoy spending my time. So, instead of focusing on nothing but writing, I got to focus on my always fragile health. Hooray!

Last week I took stock of how much was left on this current draft of the novel and how much I’d already edited. After gauging the remainder of the book, I figured I could get this draft done by the end of the month. But that is definitely beyond reach at this point. Thanks to sudden and mysterious symptoms which sprang up recently, I’ve spent more time hoping for a full night’s rest and trying not to toss my cookies every few hours.

Yet before my health dropped into the danger zone, I was already forced to move writing down my list of priorities since I have to teach several Lego summer camps this month. On one hand, I can’t complain too much about the camps; they can be enjoyable and entertaining and I get to play with Legos for a few hours, so yay. But on the other hand, it takes me away from my computer and consumes pretty much the whole day, so boo. When I finally get back home after organizing an entire amusement park of Legos, I’d rather go into hibernation than write anything. 

And so my writing progress has suffered as of late. Not something I like to admit, and it definitely wasn’t something I enjoyed witnessing day after day. But I was able to squeeze in some writing before nausea took over yesterday and today, and if I continue to take it easy and not push myself I can work at a steady pace the rest of the month. I don’t see me finishing this draft, but I’ll probably be darn close.

Now if you’ll excuse me, the room is starting to spin again. Till next time! 

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