My Pledge

So, it turns out writing a novel takes a lot longer than I thought. Or rather, editing a novel takes a lot longer than I thought.

Because even if you manage to run through 12,000 words a day, you’re still looking a lot of days editing and revising your draft. And then you’re only done with that draft, you’ve still got who-knows-how-many more drafts to go before the book is done. So, that is where I currently sit with my writing progress. Several chapters in, basically rewriting each paragraph as I get to it. Some chapters don’t require much rewrite, but instead need an added or extended scene, or some type of foreshadowing for a plot twist later on. There’s always something…

But the good news is I’m not relenting. I’m working full tilt, all power to the engines, full speed ahead, because I want this book finished now. Like, now now. I want it done already so I can focus on all the other stories waiting to be authored. My goal, my pledge, is to have this thing done by the end of the month. 


That’s right. I said it. 

Now, that’s going to call for some intense writing time. But at the pace I’ve been going, I think I can pull it off. I’ve already been moving through the story at good speed, and I’m getting better and more experienced with each chapter I conquer. 

So I may not have a social life for the rest of June, but the upside is that a fantastic novel will be finished and ready for agents to take a gander at by July. This I pledge. 

Till next time. Peace. 

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