It’s Coming…


Anyone remember this guy? He’s concept art from my novel that I was working on a while back. Why am I showing you this now, you ask? Good question…

After I finished my novella, Greyheart, and got some of my short stories published last year, I spent the remainder of the year focusing on a major writing project. My first full-length novel. I had titled it, Black Beetles: Initiation, because it was meant to be the first in a trilogy following the group of thieves known as The Black Beetles.

This story was grand, impressive, inviting, and an absolute blast to write. I was so pumped up for this story, that whenever someone asked about it I couldn’t help myself from outlining the entire plot and then jumping into all of the greatest moments. I adored this story. But then I ran into a snag with the ending. I had about five different endings outlined for it, but couldn’t figure out which one was best. Each ending was a different puzzle piece that didn’t quite fit with the rest of the picture. 

But after writing my latest novella and submitting it for a contest and publication, I started playing around with different endings for the full-length novel again, not expecting to get any further than previous attempts. This time, however, something clicked. The words fell into the right place, the conflict and action took a direct route. 

I wrote the end to my story. 

Now I have a huge fantasy novel just sitting on my computer, waiting to be edited into a glorious book. 

THAT’S why there’s a picture of my main character up there, getting spooked and looking over his shoulder as he plunders a corrupt mage’s mansion. THAT’S why I’ve secluded myself indoors, stockpiling tea and pretzels so I have adequate fuel to work on this thing. Because the end is in sight. 


The story is already written, the first draft done, the bone structure – and even most of the musculature and nervous system, I guess –  is all there. Now it’s about going through with a critical eye and making the story actually read like a story. You know: show don’t tell, flowing prose, coherent sentences, vivid metaphors, varied sentence structure, accurate vocabulary… All that jazz. 

The story is THAT much closer to being published. It’s only a matter of time before you’ll be holding a finished version in your hands. Patience!

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