And They’re Off!

Two stories sent out to publishers, with a third still in the repair bay. I’m satisfied with that. 

You know what makes me certifiably angry? Well, besides slow internet and stupid people. It makes me quite angry when someone begs to read a story of mine, or any material I have, only to have them completely neglect it and the writing go unread. I’ve been waiting for people to get back to me with edits on stories for WEEKS now. I didn’t ask them to read the stories, I didn’t go up to them with a request for help with my writing, these people begged and pestered me to send them something to read so they could act as Beta readers. But these very same people, not just one but many, completely forget what I sent them and make excuse after excuse as to what’s holding them back. That makes me angry. Angry, more than just a little upset, because this has happened several times now. And because of these lovely, forgetful people I call friends, the time it’s taken to fully edit these three stories has taken far longer than it should have and only now am I getting them out. Granted, writing up queries took a long time because I am a perfectionist, but still! I could’ve had these out weeks ago if people just did what they said they would do. Sigh…

So this week I don’t feel very… Accomplished. I feel like I spent most of it twiddling my thumbs waiting for feedback. I could have sent the stories out early, but the few edits and feedback I did get were valuable and helped the final product. So instead I just sat around being angry. I’ve also switched up my reading regiment this week, as well. I picked up a very story driven video game last week that is heavy on the dialogue. I mean, this game is more of a story-telling experience with interactive elements. And since this game is so story-based and text heavy, I’ve been convincing myself that playing it totally counts as reading. Since, you know, most of it is reading, with sword fighting here and there to spice it up some. Thankfully, I’m already about to beat the game, and once I do it’s back to my usual reading/writing daily routine. 

This week any writing that I did was mainly in the form of queries or information about me that publishers want to see. Queries can make or break a writer, which makes them very very important. In just a few sentences you have to inform the publisher about everything there is to know about you; your writing experience, what you hope for your writing in the future, and a little about the story. All without putting too much in there that tips the scale in one direction or the other. Writing a good query is an art, an art in subtle humble-bragging, influential name drops, and verbal prostration of yourself. Needless to say, I’m still learning to get the hang of it. And since I’m one hell of a perfectionist when it comes to my writing, it took me an extremely long time to settle on something I am only sort of okay with. But I’ve worried enough. The stories are out. Now it’s time to sit back and let the rejection letters pour in. 

Writer Rejects Publisher:



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