This week marked the end of February, a month that I had set aside for certain writing goals and deadlines. Though I didn’t get everything done that I wanted, I’m still pretty satisfied going into March with what I’ve accomplished. Here’s what’s happened so far…

One of my writing goals for Feb. was to write out five short stories. Stories that I would be prepared to submit to publishers by the end of the month. I wrote out seven stories in total this month, but so far only three of them I am happy enough with to send out. So even though it’s not quite what I expected, I’m still okay with where I ended up. Once all of these stories are adequately edited and revised, I’m planning on moving back to working on my novel project. I also discovered a glorious writing spot at a family member’s house that helped me crank out all these stories. It’s where I sense I will be spending many hours with a notebook and a pen in the future. Peaceful, quiet, and within walking distance of a fully stocked fridge. I also get to watch a fair amount of wildlife right in front of me when I feel like taking a break.


Another writing goal, even though it’s not really writing but something that helps my craft, was to read four books, two of them outside of my genre. So this month I finished Heir to the Jedi, Lost Stars, Dragon Tears, and Paper Towns. I wrote up some reviews, which is part of the goal, but mainly I observed the different writing styles of each and learned a lot about my own writing. I picked up on things I liked and things I didn’t like in each of the books and know what I will be trying to emulate, as well as what I should avoid at all costs. “In order to be a good writer one must be a good reader” – Stephen King. Though I appreciate writing more than reading, I can definitely agree with that statement. I learn so much from each book I read, both what to do and what not to do. 

IMG_20160304_161732940           IMG_20160304_202254816

A friend of mine was getting rid of some vintage Star Wars novels and I just could not resist. You’re looking at a treasure trove of about thirty Star Wars novels, most of them comprising complete series. That right there is a cardboard box full of love. We’re talking James Luceno, R.A. Salvatore, Micheal Stackpole, and Kevin J. Anderson. Big hitters in the world of writing when they were just starting out. Sure, the stories all don’t really matter since there is a new Universe (don’t get me started…), but I have a completely irrational and ungrounded belief that one day I will have a large enough collection of Star Wars novels and graphic novels that the collection as a whole will be quite valuable. Maybe it’ll only be valuable to me. In which case I’m a still happy camper. 

As each rejection letter comes in I’ll be sure to mention it in my posts. I’m looking forward to seeing how these stories size up with some of the big-wig publishers. Stay tuned!

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