Notice anything… Different?

I thought I’d try spicing things up a bit and change my theme. I felt the last one had a little too much black to it. Thoughts?

This week I managed to crank out two more short stories and play around with my website some more. The stories I wrote are pretty good, but I’m definitely still working on a few kinks in the plot for both of them. I have officially sent out the first round of stories to my beta readers and am awaiting their responses. Once I get those edits out of the way, I can send out the next batch of stories for beta readers to take a gander at. I’m quite happy with myself for staying on target with these short stories this month. I set up monthly goals/deadlines for myself, and so far with writing at least, I’ve nailed each one. I’m totally behind in other areas, but sometimes you just can’t foresee everything.

I unfortunately had a death in the family early this week. This death, though not very surprising, still shook my family and caused us all to drop what we had planned for this week and travel to be with our loved ones. It’s always bitter-sweet how a death can bring family or friends together for the first time in years. The circumstances under which you see them is terrible, but you still feel joy at being able to give them a hug and share a laugh. Despite spending lots of time with family and a whole day for the funeral, I was able to keep up with my most important goals and keep writing and reading. 

My health has continued to improve to the point where, that’s right, I went back to work today.


Ya see all ‘dem Legos right thar? I done put ‘dem alllll away. I used to be a Lego Instructor, teaching kids about physics and engineering principles using custom built models with motors and battery packs. But, since I’m still not that much better, I’m doing behind-the-scenes stuff that needs to be done after each class. Organizing kits, finding missing pieces, preparing for next round of classes/camps, etc. It might not be as fun as building cranes and draw bridges with bright, energetic students, but it’s still Legos, and it felt good to get back to work. Not to worry, it won’t interrupt my writing time. If anything, it will enhance it…

That’s all for now, folks!

2 thoughts on “Notice anything… Different?

  1. Glad to read you are getting better and that the words are flowing!

    I like the new theme. I change my theme once a year. It’s a thing with me. I would do it more than that, but I don’t want to shock folks too much.


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