Reading + Writing

Guess who didn’t get much done this week? This guy!

Health and family issues took front seat this week and severely limited my amount of writing time. And writing energy. Even when I was blessed with the time to write in peace, the words came grudgingly. 

I did, however, manage to write up one story this week that I’m quite happy with. It’s not my usual gambit, it’s a romance story, and it’s so darn cute that I know it’ll get published somewhere. The question is only where… I don’t frequent romance markets so I’m a little lost. But not worried. Like I said, it’s a good one. 

I outlined two other stories this week and added notes to two of my larger projects this week as well. But all in all, not much was accomplished. Last week I know I tempted you guys with talk of audio recordings and a really cool About Me video that I was working on. I am ashamed to admit that no progress was made in that area. I was not joking when I said not much got accomplished this week. 

What was I doing instead? When I wasn’t focusing on health or family members or the tiny bit of writing? I was reading. I read On Writing by Stephen King again, because nothing gets me encouraged to write quite like it. It’s as educational as any bachelors level writing course from a legit university. It’s gold. I also finished some essays from Viktor Frankl, award winning psychiatrist and inventor/pioneer of logotheraphy(he’s sort of my hero. Go check him out.). Knocked out some amazing manga from the early 90s, and picked up a Dean Koontz novel with an evil, supernatural hobo. I’m a reading machine! But not a writing machine. I am absorbing everything that I’m reading like an unused sponge, though, so I don’t see it as a bad thing. 

I’ll be back in the writer’s seat soon. Stay tuned for more updates. 

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