Professional then Personal

This update I’m going to split into two parts: a quick look at what I’ve been up to with writing first, then how I’ve been doing personally. For all those people who care about that sort of thing…

I set up some attainable writing goals for myself this week have almost all of them completed. Since it’s not really the end of the week yet, I’ll probably get them all done. I outlined and wrote up four stories this week and have so far typed up three of them. My goal was to get four stories out, and I think I can still reach that. Next week I’ll be editing, revising, and polishing them off to hopefully send to publishers ASAP. The stories are all Sci-Fi this time with a good bit of humor in each one. I’m fairly proud of the first two and confident that they’ll get picked up somewhere. The third is rough, but once I got it all typed up I felt much better about it. It’s rough, but after I edit the crap out of it I think it can be pretty awesome. 

I’ve also been working on some audio recordings for a video a friend of mine made. I wish I could show you the video right now – it’s so freaking cool – but I want it to be fully completed before I post it online. So I recorded a compelling narration for it. Thanks to the friend who lent me all the recording equipment, I also had the grand idea of recording a narration of one of my short stories. How cool would that be? An audio version of my story for the internet to feast it’s earholes upon? Pretty darn cool, me thinks. So that has been added to next week’s writing goals; record a short story narration. Now the only question is which story to record…

Though I’ve been focused on short stories recently, my father and I had a talk about the status of my novel, The Black Beetles: Initiation. I’m so freaking close to ending it, it’s not even funny. But the problem is… It’s sort of the hardest part of the book so far. I have to figure out… just how to complete it and make it satisfying… and make it line up to the next book and coincide with all the foreshadowing I made in the beginning… and so much more. So I’ve been putting it off for a while. But after having that conversation with my Dad, it got the gears turning. And now, I am happy to announce, I’ve got the ending down. I’ve got it friggn down, yo! Now once I get some more short stories out of the way, I’m ready to finish this monster and claim a full novel as an achievement. Victory point for me. 

For those of you who have been in touch about my health and me personally, I have good news to share. I am much better than I have been recently, and this week saw almost all positive days. Recovery road is long and I’m moving very, very slow down it, but I am moving at least. I still can’t manage much physically, and even when I feel really good I have to remind myself to take it slow and not overdo anything. I would still have to say this week receives two thumbs up. I raise my glass and toast to another week of mostly positives too. 


That’s all for now folks! Hopefully the next update will have a video, a narration, and more good news. Peace!


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