I’m Back

For all of you out there wondering where the lack of content has been, fret no longer. I’m back. 

The past few months have been an overwhelming experience for me and I simply didn’t have the time, energy, or state of mind to write. I’ve been battling some serious health issues, that remain unresolved at the moment, and felt that it was far more important to focus on just getting through the sickness and spending time with those I care for the most. Though I feel I have recovered enough to start making my way back towards the passion I yearn for, I still have an arduous journey ahead of me. 

Physical limitations aside, I have not been spending my recovery period in a very positive frame of mind. Constant pain, little rest, and discouraging news from all sides beat me into depression and a dark, negative place that I fear still exists. But with the unending love and care of my family and friends, I’ve managed to find a better way to look at the future and guide my weak steps with a burning purpose. Being surrounded by selfless, caring individuals who want nothing more than to see me happy and healthy has brought me back to where I should be. And now, even though I’m still weak and sick, I am well enough to get back to the unforgiving world of writing!

Even while I rest and spend my days letting my body heal, I always have this itch or nag in the back of mind saying, “You could be writing right now…” Most of the time I manage to swat the itch away as I’m too tired, exhausted, or in pain to focus on anything. But as I start to slowly (ever so freaking slowly) recover and regain more of my old self, I realize that I really could be writing right now. So today was the first day in who-knows-how-long that I visited some of the forums and writing websites that helped me get to where I am now. I found some good writing competitions in the next few months that I may aim for, but more importantly, I found the enthusiasm and encouragement to get back to my keyboard with a vengeance. Often times I put off the tedious and lame aspects of being a writer till last because I consider them “work”. Researching deadlines, writing query letters, marking the calendar for contests, looking up publishers and companies to see if they match your direction, etc. It’s all the stuff that isn’t writing. But usually once I actually start the process, it hardly feels like work at all. Today, though I put off the tedious stuff for a while, I am happy to say I beat it into submission and am ready to start actually writing. I’m positively excited to share that with you. I am ready to start writing. I am ready to start writing again. 

So look out, world. I’m back. 

*Que epic victory pose*

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