Ecotones Guest Post by Rebecca Shwarz

Remember how I said I was taking part in a blog tour? Well today, I am happy to introduce Rebecca Schwarz, a contributing author in Ecotones. She’s here to tell us why she wrote her dog-inspired tale, The Silva, and why she submitted it to’s fourth anthology.

Why Ecotones?

By, Rebecca Schwarz

When I wrote The Silva, I didn’t know there would be an anthology out there titled Ecotones. I’m so glad that this story could find a home that is such a perfect fit.

An ecotone is a region or transition between two biological communities. They are everywhere; in the reeds along the muddy banks of a river, among the saplings that rise up in the meadow just beyond the urban subdivision, between the last twisted and shrunken old trees at the snowline half way up the mountain – even inside us, where our gut microbiome makes it’s home. Our world overstuffed with life, constantly battling for territory, forming alliances, and creating itself anew.

I think all writers are interested in borders and boundaries, in the liminal spaces between two different environments. In an ecotone, the rules of each place are, if not suspended, at least bent. The air and the water can never be joined but look at what strange creatures they birth in the tide pools strung along the sandy beach.

Borders define us and crossing them forces us to redefine ourselves. Ecotones are filled with interlopers from other lands; creatures that don’t quite fit in, yet somehow manage to thrive. Spending time in these places, or crossing them to enter an undiscovered landscape, forever changes us. If we choose to return, we will see our old world with new eyes.

With The Silva in particular, I was thinking not only about what an encounter with alien life might mean to us, but also about how we take for granted how alien our own world is. Look into the eyes of the cat sitting on the sofa pillow, or the dog resting his head on your lap, and think on the limits of your understanding of their world. Even domesticated, our homes are a kind of ecotone for them. The space under the dining room table makes a poor den, but it will do. The cage with two birds that are not prey, instead every evening food is set on the floor in a small bowl decorated with paw prints.

The Silva is not the first story I’ve written about an ecotone, and it surely won’t be the last. I hope you enjoy it.

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Thanks for reading. See you next time!

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