The Future Looks Bright

I have been busting my buttocks with writing this week. Why? Because it’s all going to pay off BIG TIME in the near future. 

This week I really kicked it up a notch with video game articles and managed to find news that I actually wanted to write about. Which was nice, I didn’t have to resort to news pieces on games or projects I don’t care about. When that happens I have to do double the research in order to make sure I know what I’m talking about and don’t get called out by a hardcore lover of the series. Instead, this week I got to really show off my knowledge and writing skills when I wrote about what I love. Cranked out lots of freebies and news on and got the praise of an editor over at for my MHX article. Also found a new game that I will definitely be playing the heck out of soon.

The coolest video game piece this week? I got to interview Tristan Moore, the writer/director/co-founder of a horror game I’ve been following for sometime now called Grave. HOW COOL IS THAT?! Grave is a survival horror game I stumbled upon a little while ago, and though just the trailer freaked me out, I cannot wait to play it. Check out the trailer yourself and tell me you don’t want to know more.

But besides video games, the biggest piece of news in the world of Victor this week is for my upcoming anthology! Well, maybe I shouldn’t say my anthology. It’s the anthology that was kind enough to feature a story of mine in it. And in order to help promote it, I will be going on a blog tour around the internet. A blog tour is basically where I write an article and it gets posted on another author’s blog, while I post another author’s article on my site. So stay tuned for a post by someone other than me this upcoming week!


Check out that cover art! Hot dang! The kickstarter for the anthology is now live and is already half way funded! How crazy cool is that?! Check out the kickstarter here and, if you don’t mind, maybe make a small donation? There’s not much time left and there are lots of cool rewards for backers. Not to mention you get to help a budding author make little more for their art. 


With video game news and anthology news, I was not able to keep up with my NaNoWriMo daily quota this week. On Tuesday I managed to tell all my responsibilities to go screw themselves and wrote a few thousand words, but that only made up for how far behind I was then! I haven’t even written in two days, which only makes me more discouraged. But I shan’t give up, friends! With articles out of the way and most of my duties taken care of, I am free to really work on this story. The good thing is the story is finally getting good now and I’m not struggling to get to the exciting parts. It’s a very rough read so far, but I’m just going for word count at this point. 50,000 words here I come!

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