Opportunity Comes A-Knockin’

Tio reading Grayheart

You see that picture right there? That is a picture of a learned and experienced doctor enjoying vacation in the Dominican Republic WHILE READING MY BOOK.

Take it all in people, because that picture right there made my heart sprout wings and fly away with joy. It was incredibly nice of Hector, my uncle of unequalled awesomeness, to send it to me. I can’t tell you how cool it is to have people not only read my story, but tell me how much they enjoyed it and that they can’t wait for more. So much excitement! Seeing this was definitely a boost to my week. Which was nice, because it was one heck of a busy week.

Video Game News

Recently I started a joint training program at Gameskinny.com writing articles and opinion pieces for them, and it’s been a pretty radical experience so far. I’m having a grand time writing with other interns about the latest in the gaming industry, and I’m rather proud of several of my articles so far. The most notable being: This week in video game history. This is my first adventure into the world of press releases and breaking news, but I have to say it’s really enjoyable. Really enjoyable. But aside from writing about Nintendo opening a developer’s program to the public or the newest Sword Art Online game, I was offered to write for a second gaming news website this week completely out of the blue!

Whenever I meet people for the first time via the internet, I do my best to be polite and sincere in hopes that they do the same. If someone sends me a real message asking a real question, I usually respond with a patented Victor answer. I’ve met some really randomly cool people this way. I now know a French artist currently working on pieces that represent greed and the economy of his government, I spoke with the world’s top ranked player in MH4U who lives in Australia, I had a conversation about Heroes with the owner of GameInformer magazine, and I chatted about Pokemon with one of the biggest video game streamers in the UK. And now thanks to being polite and a little goofy when I speak to people online, I am know a contributor at Gamerselixir.com for anything nerdy, indie, or gaming related. How cool is that? And all because I was nice to someone who sent me a message online.


Ecotones - an SFFWorld Anthology

The upcoming anthology I’m featured in is gearing up and getting ready for release! I’ll be honest, I almost forgot about this publication. With being wrapped up in gaming news recently, I’ve pulled back from a few of my writing pursuits. But on twitter this week the account for the anthology, as well as other authors and the editors, started tweeting about my story and the kickstarter for the book. Seeing the tweet and several people favorite it immediately put a spring in my step. I’m really excited about this anthology, and not just because it’s my first one. The other stories in it sound really good and I’m sure will be much more entertaining than mine. If you’d like to check out some sneak peeks of stories, the kickstarter, or any more info, check out the link here. The site is quite impressive.

Seeing the anthology made me yearn to work on my novel and write again. It’s been a while since I cracked open my notes and worked on the little bugs that need fixing, but this week it definitely called out to me again. And so, I started to get myself ready to write.

But at the same time, there is just so much to write about with video games… I mean, now that I’m officially “press” and have access to exclusive news, it’s sort of hard to not sit and wait for the next breaking thing to write about. But once I have my quota for articles done this week, I’m definitely getting back into my stories. They call to me…  First up to be completed: My latest Melgor story. It’s just under halfway done and the outline for it is good, so I will hopefully have it finished by next week. Then… Then comes the big stuff. November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and writers are encouraged to write 50,000 for the month on a single project. I hope to join in this event. My only dilemma is what story I want to focus on. Be it the sequel to Greyheart, or the sequel to Black Beetles: Initiation? Questions, questions….

That’s been my splendid week, how’s yours been? Get that raise you were hoping for? Finally see that movie you’ve wanted to see for a while?

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