What a Wondrously Willful Week I’ve Worked

This has been a good week. A grand week, I’d say. Lots of fun happenings going on in the world of Victor, and I’m pretty excited to share some of them with you. Like…

This week kicked off an internship I’m doing over at Gameskinny.com as ThewriteVictor where I get to write articles about VIDEO GAMES. How cool is that? Now, for all you old timers out there who frown upon gamers and roll your eyes when we talk about our love, you can all go straight to hell for a minute while I vent about what an opportunity this is. I’ve been a gamer, not just someone who plays the occasional video game, but a gamer since the tender age of 6, when a friend named Ryan gave me his old black and white Gameboy with a Pokemon game. Jumping from classic systems like SNES and Dreamcast up to the next gen consoles of today, video games have been a large influencer on my life and are indeed some of the best stories I’ve ever experienced. Gaming has made so many advances that it’s more like an interactive movie at this point. You actively decide the story as you go in most games now, dictating the characters moves, changing the world, and receiving a different ending each time. How incredible is that? Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? You want to know who? All those judgmental old timers who think video games cause violence and are just a waste of time. Sigh…

Well you know what’s not a waste of time? Writing news articles about upcoming releases of extremely popular video games, and then getting a shout out from that game’s developers about your article. That. Is. Glorious.

Here I am, just researching some stuff about Marvel and their kickass online dungeon crawler, then I post what I’ve written online. No big deal. Next day, however, Marvel thanked me for the article and totally bumped it on social media. Awesometastic? I think yes.

Along with news articles like:

Super-Skrulls, Controller Support and Thanos Raids coming to Marvel Heroes 2016

New Trailer for Video Game Adaptation of Classic Tabletop- Mordheim: City of the Damned

Closed Beta Launches for Anime-Styled MMORPG Dragomon Hunter

Multiplayer Space Simulation comes to Xbox One

I’ve also got:

5 Creep-tastic Indie Video Games to Get you In the Halloween Spirit

And I’m working on some interviews with kickstarter games and voice actors. This opportunity to write, even if I’m not getting paid, is such an amazing experience that if nothing major comes out of it I’ll still think of it with fond memories.

Besides crunching articles and meeting deadlines, this week I was given off of work for a few days and decided to spontaneously visit some family in the nearby hellhole known as Miami, Fl. Perhaps I give it a bad rap, it hasn’t been all that bad since I’ve been here, I just usually have such an awful time in Miami. The driving… You don’t understand until you’ve been here, but the driving is literally murder. However, I’ve not spent much time on the road this trip as I’ve been spending time with the people I care the most for in this world. Grandparents are not to be taken for granted. They are wise, loving, and sometimes the most unintentionally hilarious people around. I’ve had the good fortune of spending the past couple of days in the presence of glorious grandparents, getting fed copious amounts of food, and being overall babied. It’s actually pretty nice. But my mission here is unity, and I’ve accomplished much in the way of success. I’ve brought many corners of my family tapestry back together in one, tight weave that will hopefully last. I’m acting as a linchpin here as my unique situation allows me to call upon the furthest of my family members and bring them together. I have a mission and I shall succeed!

But besides having a downright awesome week writing about video games and seeing family, what are you guys up to? Seriously, I’d love to know. I feel like I’m the only one talking here sometimes. Get it? Hello, is this thing on?

2 thoughts on “What a Wondrously Willful Week I’ve Worked

  1. I love reading your updates! You always make me laugh, you’re clever, and you’re passion and excitement at what you’re doing is infectious. Keep them coming!


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