A New Week

A new week full of possibilities is upon us, and I for one shall not squander the chance to make it a meaningful one that will enhance and strengthen all the resulting ones after it. What do I mean by that? Allow me to tell you…

Starting this week I’ll be taking place in a JTP community over on Gameskinny.com to help promote myself and learn a little more about video game journalism.

Being a writer is amazing, but being a paid writer who gets to crank out articles on stuff I really love to a community of other like-minded individuals would be a dream come true, and that is exactly what I’m shooting for with this internship. There are lot of other people taking place in the JTP, but so far not many people seem to have the drive or pursuit to get it all done. I’m hoping that I can make a lasting impression in the online gaming community there and perhaps get a good word out about myself to other sites looking for contributors. 

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you aren’t feeling the spirit of autumn everywhere you look then you’re obviously doing something wrong. Even down in southern Florida where there are no season changes people are doing their utmost to pretend like fall is here, placing plastic pumpkins outside and decorating everything in autumnal colors. But for me Halloween has always signified that time of year when it’s okay to scare yourself or others and get really freaked out. It’s the time of year when spooky things are allowed and the night holds more mysteries than usual. I’m feeling the spirit of Halloween pretty strongly thanks to all my fellow authors blogging about horror topics and creepy writing prompts, which is why over the past few days I have outlined and begun working on two horror stories surrounding my character Melgor the Ruined. I’ve been wanting to write more about him, his history and some of the reasons why people have legends about him, for a long time now, and since its the season for suspense I’m finding it quite easy to get into the mindset of horror

As I wrote this past week, I struggled with the concept of ‘what exactly constitutes something as horror?’ Does it need to have lots of blood and unexplainable gore? Does it need to kill no less than five innocent and ignorant teens before the end, leaving at least one hot chick to survive? Or is it more of a story told with such suspense that the reader is unconsciously biting their fingernails as they wait for the conclusion? I feel it is more the latter. A horror story can be any tale told with a heightened sense of fear or danger where the reader is unsure of what will happen next. That constant sense of tension, keeping the reader fearful yet curious about the next page, is what makes a proper horror story. And that is what I’ve been trying to capture in Melgor’s world, as he interacts with various people who all wish, in way or another, for him to die painfully.

Last but certainly not least, CHECK OUT THIS AWESOME SKETCH.


I showed one last week that I had done that was a really rough sketch from a scene for my upcoming book, Black Beetles: Initiation, but I managed to get in touch with the artist from my novella and he penned a sweet rendition of Sef sneaking through Forsynth Manor. Sef’s got a lantern in one hand and fear on his face as he hears Adam’s guard hounds sniffing for his scent. Is that drawing not the coolest, or what? Ahh, I love me some awesome visuals to go along with my stories, it makes writing that much more realistic. 

Anywho, that’s all for now. I hope you’ll subscribe, check out my online presence, and don’t forget to say hi!

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