I’m not dead yet!

You know what sucks? Having a lifelong chronic pain illness. You know what doesn’t suck? All these amazing updates that I’m about to throw in your face! Hiya!

So, I’ve been a little under the weather lately(boy, is that an understatement), and haven’t been able to keep my site up to date with all the things that have been happening with my writing career. But that stops now! First and foremost, around this time next week you should be able to find me on gameskinny.com as a content contributor, writing articles and funny youtube videos about all the games I’m in love with currently. I was lucky enough to be accepted as an intern for gameskinny and take part in a JTP. The hope after the internship is that the staff at gameskinny will realize how rare and valuable a person like me is and offer me a paying gig. Fingers crossed, people. And if not, at least I got to intern at a gaming/entertainment website for a bit, and perhaps that will open up another door in the future.  

Update numero dos, and this is probably the one I’m most excited about, I got to be on a podcast! I was featured on The Interesting Podcast with Jedi Brian and it was so much fun. I’ve known Brian since freshman year of highschool(10 years? 11?) and we’ve been like Ichigo and Chad ever since. Like Natsu and Happy. Like Kiba and Akamaru. We’re best freaking friends, get it? Brian is in the top ten greatest people I’ve ever met in my life. He inspires such happiness and joy in all the people he meets, and encourages those around him, me included, to no end. Brian does cosplay as the Cabbage Merchant, he’s an actor, videographer, photographer, youtuber, and bucket list enthusiast. He started The Interesting Podcast a little while ago to showcase all the interesting people he knows in his life. So far he’s had movie producers, comic book creators, youtube personalities, and me! Not going to lie, I was pretty honored to be on the podcast with my adopted brother. And it was so much fun! We talked about his upcoming movie, my book, video games, and lots and lots of Star Wars. That’s one of the linchpins that holds our relationship together; an intense burning passion for pretty much all things Star Wars. I’d be grateful if you checked out the podcast and Brian’s cosplay stuff here. He’s only going to get more famous from here.

The anthology that I have a story in is officially getting the publicity ball rolling. They’ve created a wordpress site here with author interviews, bios, story excerpts, and more. The little bit of artwork on there is really cool, too. So far there isn’t much info they are releasing, it is rather early, but they have announced a kickstarter campaign to help the authors, that would be me, get more money for their work, which is something I approve of. As of right now the editor and host site sffworld.com are putting up the funds for the book out of pocket, and can’t afford much else after that. They are paying the contributing authors a meager fee, and some authors have even waived that fee since it’s more publicity to them, and they aren’t planning on doing much in the way of promotion. HOWEVER, that’s where you come in. For the kickstarter they are offering bundles of their other anthologies, artwork, prints, exclusive stories and more, all for the goals of getting more funds for promotion and hopefully to pay the authors a professional rate. Which would, you know, be kinda nice.

odd_question_edit (2)

Last but certainly not least, check out this ballin’ sketch that just came in the other day for my new book, Black Beetles: Initiation. It’s a rough sketch, but I like it. Sef is sitting at his campsite for the night after a day of traveling and is translating the text of an old wizard’s journal. It’s perfect for inspiration, which is what I really need right now. In celebration of coming to the end of the draft, I’m getting a few sketches of scenes in the story done to remind me of the more awesome parts and to get me to write more. So far this is the only one, but I am happy to say I reached out to the artist who did my other sketches and he will be delivering one for my main character any day now. I’m so excited I can’t wait!

Well, that’s all for now. The updates sort of piled up there while I was sick. I’m really hoping I recover soon so I can get back to writing all day every day. The next post on here will be an interview with an idie sci fi author, Devin Tersteeg, who blew my mind with his last book. Make sure to subscribe or check back often for the continuous feed of greatness I create.

2 thoughts on “I’m not dead yet!

  1. Speaking on behalf of that anthology, Victor – we’re delighted to have your story. How often do we get to read fantasy fiction these days that has nothing but an optimistic view on the world? Well, one time, now. Thanks!


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