Something truly terrible has happened and I need your help to get me through it. I lost my momentum, people.

I guess some writers might call this slump “writer’s block”, but I don’t think that is the case. I know exactly what I want to write, I have the outlines and notes all set and everything, but I have no momentum to get it done. As if the will and fire inside me fueling me to get the story out has died. I shouldn’t need to tell you how NOT GOOD that is. I lost my mojo, people! This is not something to take lightly.

Therefore, in an attempt to get me back into the burning desire of writing six hours a day in blissful seclusion, I am writing a post about the cooler aspects of the world I’m building in my novel at the moment. Because whenever I chat with friends and tell them what I’m writing, outlining the magic system and guilds and the conflict and betrayal between characters, it gets me really wanting to write again. So I thought I’d share some of the cooler details of The Black Beetles: Initiation with you.

So we’re in a fantasy world, of course, and we’ve got magic. Lots of it. The world is teeming with it. Honestly, the magic system is one of the cooler things I like about this story. It’s based off the elements, so we’ve got fire, wind, water, and earth mages running around. If you are gifted with magic in this world you are attuned to one of the elements and can manipulate and control only that one element. Fire? Fire mage. Water? Water mage. Etc etc. HOWEVER, there are a select few of gifted mages who can control all of the elements, turning them into a fifth element that is extremely rare and powerful.

Elements: Earth my body; Water my blood; Air my breath; and Fire my spirit.:

Still with me? Cool. Enter our main character, Sef. His full name is Sefomous Val’Redhawk the Fourth, but he prefers just Sef. Sef is a mage. Sef has the ability to control all of the elements. Sef has no idea how to do so. Sef was enrolled in The Academy, the institution that educates mages with knowledge approved by the Conclave, a collection of the world’s wisest and most powerful mages, but was expelled by The Academy after an… incident. Actually, he’s sort of incredibly lucky he wasn’t executed. After his incident and resulting expulsion, he feels he doesn’t belong with his family anymore and runs away to live on the streets of Emerdal, the large fortified city our story takes place in.

Fast forward almost a whole year and Sef has learned to survive on the streets as a thief. He’s carved out a small living area for himself, he knows the best places for hits and loose purses, and he even has a pet pigeon to keep him company. But one day he over estimates his thieving ability and steals from someone who is a professional thief themself. After a terrifying escape attempt using every means available to him, Sef is cornered by the pro thief, but instead of having his throat slit is offered a position as thief for a professional guild.

And that is pretty much where our story begins, with our main character biting off more than he can chew and getting into a situation he did not expect. And HOLY COW does the story take a turn from there. By the time you get to the end of the book you’ll be like, You mean there is no Santa Katz? You mean I've been well behaved all year for nothing? Lies! All lies!:   Seriously.


I have a board on pinterest with pins all inspiring this story, as well as notes and sketches posted around my room to get me into the mindset of it all. Did writing this get me my mojo back? Eh, not really. But it helped. I’m definitely thinking about all the cool crap I get to do with magic in the end of the book, so I thinking there will be much writing soon. Got my short stories edited and sent back to editors so they’re out of the way and I can focus on this project. Things are at least moving again.

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