Slain in the Spirit

It is time for another book review, friends, this time with a book authored by a great guy I was lucky enough to connect with beforehand. For this In My Opinion, I’ll be talking about a science fiction murder mystery novel titled Slain in the Spirit by Walt Rosenfeld.

Slain in the Spirit is a science fiction mystery set in the not so distant future on an Earth that has seen yet another world war along with a terrain manipulating and population scarring “blight”. But fear not, for the main character is a war veteran turned public detective with PTSD and way too much time on his hands. He sounds just like the guy to get the job done, right?

Plot: The story line of this novel is probably the best of any self-published that I’ve read before. It read like a very well thought out story, beginning, middle and end, and it really didn’t lag at any point along the way. The story starts off with a murder in the first chapter, BAM, dead. Honestly, the first 4% of the story grabbed me for in that time frame a man spontaneously combusts and our main character wins a few thousand dollars at poker while smoking high quality Banana Kush without a care in the world. With that tone, the story sets off following Bill as he tries to maintain his fractured life and figure out a mayor’s murder simultaneously. Bill’s cousin, Marvin, who is by far the most over the top gay character ever, was apparently involved with the mayor and is the driving force in getting Bill off his butt, out of his house and on the job. Like I mentioned, the story is good. By the end of it, the action really picks up and tons of impressive stuff happens turning the last few chapters into a quick read.

Characters: The characters in this story are hilarious. HILARIOUS. Maybe a little excessive on the profanity side of things, but still hilarious. Not only Bill, with his obsession with high quality erb or Marvin with his insane amount of gayness, but every other seemingly random character had quirks and personality traits that made them special. The officer by the river, the coroner, the weed dealer, the pastor. Everyone, no matter how small or large, was their own incredibly well written entity. I really enjoyed the characters of this book.

Imagery: The imagery and set up of the world in this book took some time to get started, and when it did start it was sort of sporadic and info-dumpy. But the info and imagery of the world was so cool and enticing to me that I’m not sure if that info-dumpness stopped, or I was so genuinely interested in the world that I didn’t care. Walt colors characters and their descriptions with ease, as well as every setting that Bill goes to. I never had a problem picturing things in my mind, and in fact some of his descriptions were so unique and spot on that the image sprang up quickly and clearly. I approve.

Verdict: You should probably read this book. In my opinion at least, you should probably read this book. If you’re looking for negatives the only ones are: heavy on the cursing, heavy on smoking and it’s first person. But those aren’t even negatives to me, those all worked well in this book’s favor. So once again I say, you should probably read this book. In my opinion.

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