Change of Pace

For a while now I have had a burning itch to get away from my town and the usual, boring lifestyle there to a place that I’ve not been to before. Just to get away for a much needed change of scenery and put myself in a different frame of mind. And I was really looking forward to taking my time while traveling and seeing the area I pass through, not just barrel through it and focus on the destination.

Well, the opportunity to finally get away presented itself recently, and I took it without hesitation. So after a four hour drive to the other side of the state, I am relaxing in a great family friend’s home and experiencing exactly what I was looking for, a change in scenery! Granted, where I am is pretty similar to where I was, but its unique and different enough to give a new experience, and it has done wonders for my soul. Not only am I in a town that is big enough to have all you need yet small enough to still be quaint, I am staying with some of the greatest people I have ever had the fortune of knowing. Their presence and energy is uplifting and spectacular. Bottom line: I’m loving it.

Now, does that mean I’ve put writing on hold in order to focus on quality time with quality people? HECK NO. It means I spend a lot of time conversing, laughing, sharing stories and being social with everyone, while also maintaining time every day to sit and dive into a reality all my own. And one thing that makes the hosts of this little vacation that much more awesome, is that they are not only fine with giving me space and quiet, they encourage it. Points for being awesome and supporting my anti-social habit.

For example, I found four open calls for submissions the other morning, and guess what I’ve been doing since? I found a publisher this morning that reviews works for free, and if it’s good enough work they will make an offer on it. So I’ve definitely been spending time submitting my novella for other authors and agents to review, outlining and then starting three new short stories, and watching all of the emails to other publishers and editors as well. SO MUCH TIME.

But at the same time, I allot only a fraction of the day to my craft so that I can continue to bask in the great company I share. Great great company. We have fun.

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