It’s Here!

Mi libro

Mi libro


… Is still not done yet.

Which is sort of frustrating, but at the same time I am holding a physical copy of it in my hands! I may have whooped with joy when I saw the package sitting on the stairs just waiting for me to rip it open.

I ordered a physical proof copy from the publisher to make sure that everything is hunky dory with the book before it goes out. I could use their “online proof tool” to review it, but how accurate is that? I want an actually copy of the book in my hands to see just how it will look to readers. Turns out, there are a few things that I had to change: The font came out quite small and hard to read, the front cover is darker than I’d like on one side, and the back cover was pixelated badly. But now that I’ve fixed those flaws, resubmitted the manuscript, and ordered another proof, I’m really hoping those are the last edits I’ll have to do. I suppose most authors find themselves in this position; thinking that everything is done on their part and the project is complete, only to find out one or two small things are off and need to be changed before the book is finalized.

But hey, I’m one step closer to getting this sucker out there for the world to read. Which makes me pretty darn happy 🙂



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