Soon, my pretties…

Who just submitted the complete manuscript of their story to their publisher?


And it only took way longer than I thought it would. But, I am so freaking happy that it is just about done. Front cover, check. Interior, check. Distributors, check. Pricing, check. Back cover, check. Marketing, pass. Dedication, check. Copyright, check. Ugh. But now it’s all done and I just wait for it to be reviewed by someone other than me for a change. And when I get an email saying, “Dang, Victor, your story is so cool we read it twice before we published it!” then the story will be available to the masses.

Now, since this bad boy is being self-published indie style,  unfortunately you won’t be able to just head to your nearest Barnes and Noble and pick it up… Yet. Soon, but not just yet. But you can pick it up from Amazon, my online store provided by the publishing company, or from me and this blog site directly. You can find it by typing in GREYHEART on google once it’s up and running, but make sure you say it out loud in a deep, booming voice as you do so, it’s only proper. The story will be converted to a ebook soon that you can download if you have the kindle app on your smart thingy, but at first it will just be available in paperback.

Once the story is public and out for everyone, I will be procuring some of them myself and filling them with goodies for those of you who choose to purchase them from me directly. Nothing too grand, but along with being signed with a thank you note inside, you’ll get some of the behind the scenes work that I put into the story. For now, here is the description of the story that will show up on the back cover and online:

Peter Antilys, Lord Commander of the royal army and veteran of countless battles, has been tasked with protecting the fortified city of Greyheart from an enemy he’s never faced before. Elves have been spotted leaving their forest territories for the first time in more than one hundred years, and all reports of their movement declare they are marching for war. Villages near the elven border are losing their inhabitants, scouts who venture out never return again, and anyone who has seen the elves and survived bear strange and grievous wounds.
Now Peter must prepare a city to stand against a foe they never thought they’d face, but will they outlast the onslaught?

Pretty cool, right? I thought so. THAT’S WHY I WROTE IT.


Now that this project is wrapped up, I can finally get back to the other project I put on hold. Fun fact: Greyheart is 18,000 words. What I’m writing now is already double that and just starting chapter 3. Good stuff!

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