The Writing Life

Writing today was a frustrating process at first. My goal of cranking out 10 pages hit a slight road block when I realized why I was having such a hard time coming up with words on the page. The story wasn’t making any sense. The characters wouldn’t be acting the way that I had been writing them and the scene was unfolding improperly. So, it was relieving to go back and change the scene around to unfold in a much more understandable way. However, that meant that four pages worth of writing was rendered useless.


But, whatevs. That’s what writing is all about. And since those four pages don’t mean squat, I didn’t count them towards my daily struggle- I mean goal. But it was nice to see the story come out in a more precise way, the characters acting the way they should. Many times I kept leaning back in my chair and thinking, “I don’t think he would be showing him that area yet.” Or, “I’m not sure this should be happening before this guy has proven his worth. Harumph.”

But, fret not, friends. I made my daily goal of 10 pages with relative ease once the plot made sense again. And once that was done, I shifted over to outlining more of a Melgor story. Man, that guy is messed up! Like, seriously. He’s just about as evil as a guy can get and still be called a guy. But, there are several short story contests this summer for fantasy and sci-fi genres, and I’ve had a few “episodes” of Melgor in my head for a while. I plan on penning a couple of short stories that revolve around the creeper and show different snapshots of him to paint a crazy picture. One story will be from the point of view of someone who summons him, one from his point of view and one from a good guy who is fighting him. That’s all I outlined for today. I came up with some history for… it; backstory and whatnot. And then felt an itch to watch a movie.

Which is sort of weird, since I haven’t watched a movie from start to finish in months. I’ve not been a movie person recently. Go figure. But this movie, though weird as hell and prompting me to say, “What the **** am I watching right now?” several times, was awesome. AWESOME. I don’t recommend it unless you like bizarre anime racing movies that take place across several planets. Think F-Zero: The Movie. But I have to say that it was entertaining and made me want to play the crap out of old SNES F-Zero again. Sigh, ah the memories… we shared…

Anyways, it also inspired a short story that will be outlined in the coming hours. Oh yes, my friends, *rubs hands together* I have many great plans ahead. Muahahahaha!!

But first… F-Zero! Muahahahaha!

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