Monday Monday Monday

It may sound weird, but I sometimes forget how much I enjoy writing. There are so many other aspects that go on behind the scenes in order to be a successful or accomplished writer, and lately that seems like the only things I’ve been focusing on. Sure, you write the stories and characters, but then comes the submissions, the query and cover letter writing, the waiting, and if you get accepted, that opens up a whole new list of tasks you have to look over. The bottom line: there is more to be done than just thinking up a cool story that people will like to read.

Today, however, was the first day that I put all that crap aside and just wrote. Not even editing something that I already have to tweak it for a publisher, but just good ‘ol rough draft writing. It is therapeutic, and that is the only reason why I know writing is for me. My mind does not feel as at ease throughout the day as it does when I am writing. Time just flies right by me when I start typing away. I forget to eat, drink, take medicine, respond to people, and usually only check back into reality when I run out of creative juices or have to pee. 9 times out of 10 its because I have to pee.

So today I didn’t work on Greyheart, though its pretty much sitting complete and waiting for the final push towards publishing. I didn’t do submissions, I didn’t revise anything. I did do some research into agents and editors, like usual, and I watched some of Brandon Sanderson’s online writing class where he talked about agents and editors, but then I zoned into rough draft mode. It felt good. “I accomplished something today”, my mind says, and usually then I sleep better. If no writing happens, I just lay awake sometimes thinking about what I should have written and how the day was a waste. But not today! Progress, friends! Forward motion! To victory! Which in this case is more writing under my belt… so, to that!

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