Short stories are fun

It’s true, they certainly can be quite a joy. Little episodes of adventure from your favorite worlds, or sometimes bordering on a full length novel. Either way, I enjoy short stories. They are slightly more navigable than a novel, and they use every word to the advantage of the story. Since they aren’t cranking out chapters or going for a trilogy, they make every sentence and every word count in their story. A single sentence can carry much more meaning in a short story than it might in a novel.

For this reason, I hold many short stories in special places in my heart and use them as inspiration to write my own. Today during my daily research into agents/publishers/editors, I found a short story contest that is actually right up my alley. There are tons of short story contests out there and many have very specific qualifications for their submissions. They only want a specific genre, within certain word limits, only accepting published work, only from authors from this region, entry fee of way too much money, etc etc.

But today I stumbled upon one that is accepting and open to my kind of writing, with a lovely cash prize for about the top 7 placed stories. I like. I like mucho. But of course before I can submit anything, I have to panic at the quality of the story I want to submit, read through it again making last minute edits, and then second guess my entire life up now. Once all that is out of the way, the story is safely submitted with a clever cover letter and a prayer. Lots of prayer.

After spending way too much time in the world of that story, I jumped into the world of another to make edits and look at the awesome sketches I’ve had commissioned for it. I have found a great fuel for writing in getting light artwork done for projects while I am writing them. Nothing brings the world to life more than actually, you know, seeing it. I’m sure I’m not alone in this regard. What do you think?




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