Still lots to do

There is a lot going on behind the scenes for this book. Not complaining, I enjoy the heck out of it, it’s just a lot to do. Every aspect of the book is in my hands to do with as I please, unlike most traditional publishers who sort of control everything that isn’t written word in the story. I’ve had a blast talking to artists about sketches, covers, and illustrations for the story. I enjoy the feedback I received from the few people who’ve previewed it, and I have spent many hours tweaking things here and there throughout the story. I like that every part of this book has been crafted and put together by me and no one else (except for the cover, I can’t paint that). However… it can be quite time consuming. And those are just the things on my end that I can control. Setting up online accounts takes time for domains to register, sending the book into publishing takes days for it to be completed, and those are out of my hands to control. So I have been spending the day plugging away at all the things behind the curtain of writing that suck up lots of time. After having that business hat on for a few hours, its time to switch gears and actually WRITE something. But I shan’t leave you without a cool present for dropping by, so here is the finished cover of the book, fresh off the… online editing site. Whatcha think?


Second cover



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