And so it begins…

Day 1 of putting a professional front on for this author business. Spent much of the day doing research into potential agents and publishing companies to contact in the future, then jumped right into setting up this bad boy of a website. Not sure how it will all turn out, but I am content with how it’s coming together so far. There are few a things on my checklist of stuff to do before finally sending this novella in for publishing. Setting up an author’s webpage, financial info to publishing company, signing up for other social media sites, formatting the final product and then proclaiming it to the masses are all to be completed. I’ve done a good amount so far today with the lack of sleep I’m running on, and I think I’ll leave it here for today. There are two short stories and the hint of novella on the website after just a few hours of editing. Who knows what tomorrow will hold? We shall see!

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