It. Is. Over.

I had an epiphany the other night about my writing efforts as of late. I’ve been pouring my time into my favorite short stories, editing them ruthlessly, while outlining others here and there and taking my time bringing them to life. This entire year I’ve almost exclusively focused on cranking out short stories, with only a few weeks of work put towards my novel. I’ve wanted to build up my portfolio and have more short stories to show agents and publishers, since when this year began I’d sold all of my work and had nothing to show potential editors.  Continue reading “It. Is. Over.”

Horror Stories and Word Limits

Let’s do an activity.  I’m going to ask you a question, so wherever you’re reading this take a moment to clear your mind. Now, when I ask, “What are you afraid of?” what comes to mind?


If you’re like me, this image suddenly pops into your head. Continue reading “Horror Stories and Word Limits”

Judo Chop!

This past week unforeseen events destroyed my plans for the near future. I was basically ninja kicked in the throat by life, which isn’t how I enjoy spending my time. So, instead of focusing on nothing but writing, I got to focus on my always fragile health. Hooray!

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So. Many. Words.

This week I started editing my novel hardcore. I eat, breathe, and sleep in the world of Tove now. Yet despite spending numerous hours each day editing and revising, I am only a fraction of the way through this behemoth. This book is killing me. In a good way, though.  Continue reading “So. Many. Words.”


I recently picked up a classic Sci-Fi novel that I’d never read before. After finishing it and pondering its many themes and deep, quotable lines, In My Opinion it should be required reading for high schools. Ladies and gentlemen I give you 1984, by George Orwell

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